On January 30th, 2019, the Minnesota State Board of Trustees was slated to hand down a long-awaited decision on the construction of an all-season, weatherproof inflatable sports dome at the Minnesota State University Campus.

However, on the morning of January 30th, the board announced the decision on the dome would be postponed until an as-of-yet unannounced future date. The reason for this postponement was simple: frigid winter weather.

The turn of events was ironic, given the reason MSU students voted overwhelmingly in favour of raising their fees to finance the dome last December.

The proposed $4 million inflatable dome, which would cover a length of artificial turf equal to 1.5 soccer fields, would enable MSU field sports players to continue practicing on a full-sized field throughout the harsh Minnesota winters. The 108,000 sq.ft. sports dome would be insulated and equipped with a powerful heating and ventilation system to maintain an ideal temperature despite the frigid temperature outside.

Inflatable domes are also weatherproof and designed to resist snow, ice and hail. In the summer, when the temperature was warm, the university would deflate the dome and open the fields to the outdoors. The dome would ideally last between 15 and 20 years.

Had the board approved the project in January, a sports dome maker in Minnesota could have kicked off construction on the project as early as May 2019. The facility was originally planned to open by November 1st next autumn. However, that deadline could change in wake of the recent delays.

The project was put to a referendum on December 4, 2018, and the Minnesota State University student body voted 1,900 to 997 to support it. Tuition would increase by $0.83 per credit to finance half of the $4 million dome. The remainder would come from rental fees paid by local youth sports groups who would use the facility. The project has also generated interest from Minnesota’s philanthropic community, though no commitment has been formalized.

Regardless, student approval was only the first step in approving the project. It also had to pass the scrutiny of the Minnesota State Board of Trustees, which governs most of the state’s public colleges and universities. The board’s Finance and Facilities Committees have both given it the thumbs-up, so it is left to the full board to grant final approval.

According to MSU VP of Student Affairs David Jones, the board typically approves self-financed projects that have already been approved by the university’s students and administration.

Despite the weather, all bodes well for MSU’s long-belated sports dome.

Going on a vacation on off peak excursion times won’t just spare you money, it may even get you more advantages like upgrades, additional space and more, because of such few travelers. Break out your 2019 logbook and begin booking a time of travel that benefits your financial plan.

The best months to go on travel in 2019 will be January and September.

The occasions time frames directly after children go to class and the official get-away season wraps up are best for travelers to score an arrangement. Flying in January can spare 31 percent, and flying in September can spare 25 percent.


Visit a new city in January.

A portion of January’s best flight bargains include Cincinnati ($223 middle, 48 percent investment funds on pinnacle value), Palm Springs ($370 middle, 37 percent reserve funds on pinnacle value), Orlando ($235 middle, 36 percent funds on pinnacle value), Las Vegas ($259 middle, 34 percent funds on pinnacle cost) and Denver ($202 middle, 33 percent funds on pinnacle cost).


Take a reward summer excursion in September.

The best arrangements for September include Stronghold Lauderdale ($219 middle, 43 percent reserve funds on pinnacle value), West Palm Shoreline ($294 middle, 36 percent investment funds on pinnacle value), Oakland ($237 middle, 34 percent funds on pinnacle cost) and Savannah ($333 middle, 31 percent investment funds on pinnacle cost). Hawaii is likewise marked down for September: get 38 percent investment funds on the pinnacle cost for both the Enormous Island and Kauai: Kailua Kona (Huge Island – $536 middle) and Kailua (Kauai – $584 middle)


Refrain in November and December.

Obviously, the winter occasions are tremendous for vacation, but consider a staycation or excursion one year from now and fly someplace fascinating before the year’s end.

Ham radio has been around for decades, but has been viewed as a rather quaint form of communication for some time now. That has only increased in the age of the smartphone: why bother with all of that equipment when I can use the device in my pocket to talk to almost anyone on the planet in seconds?

As a result, ham radio operators are often put in the same category as vinyl and VHS collectors, hanging on to an outdated technology just to be contrarian. However, as with record and videotape fanatics, there is more to it than that.

Worldwide, there are well over 2 million licensed ham radio operators, almost half of them residing in Japan alone. Like any hobby, you can stick your toe in the water or dive in head first. Some ham radio operators use old equipment, while others have entire rooms full of top of the line gear and devote a large percentage of their time to this pursuit.

Ham radio is sometimes used for public service, such as tracking the details for a storm or forest fire for those in that area. However, it is often simply a fun form of communication for people of all ages. Many hams try to see how far their gear can reach by talking to people on the other side of the world. Some voices you hear once and then never again, while others becomes trusted companions and even lifelong friends. You can even talk to astronauts in outer space (I’ll bet your cellphone contract probably doesn’t cover that).

Also, like many hobbies, ham operators can develop a real sense of community via annual events based upon their hobby. There are no restrictions on who can talk on a ham, so you will get a cross section that mirrors everyday life.

It’s not the most up to date technology, but it’s quaint, it’s reliable, and many people swear by it. Why not give ham radio a try?

So as a dude, my main concern isn’t making sure my house is in tip top shape.  I’m a radio host, and I sit inside all day so I’m pretty comfortable.  I mean as long as my house has got a TV, couch, food, bed, a nice shower and toilet, I’m pretty much set.  But naturally, I would marry someone who wants her house in perfect condition.  No dust, everything colour matched, etc.  So when we finally found our perfect home after months and months of searching, even though it seemed amazing to me, my wife said there was much work to be done.

The outside needed to be re-painted, the inside needed new appliances and wall colours, and the landscape had to be re-done.  Now being a manly guy, I thought I could get it all done with a bunch of my buds and my wife.  Well, little did I know, all my radio buds were useless when it comes to anything artsy, crafty, or handy.  So basically they were useless.  We were painting our garage a different colour and it came out quite hideous.  We should have just gotten commercial painters to help us out.  I bet it would have taken them one hour instead of five, and it would 100% look 100% better than it did.

wallsSo onto the inside of the house.  My wife wanted our living room to be dual colours – light blue and beige, sort of like a colour block.  Well, my buddies and I not only messed that up, but we got paint everywhere on our brand new hardwood flooring.  Yeah, my wife wasn’t too happy about that.

Basically the moral of this story is that when it comes to painting or re-decorating, I’ve learned to ask for help.  There are so many Best painting services company in Toronto that I wish I didn’t go through the trouble of doing it myself.  Definitely would have turned out so much better with their help.


Welcome to Heartland And Public Radio where you will hear us talk about anything from music to politics to how to design your home and all things interesting and random. For our first post, we’d like to feature our pick for CD of the month.

“Carolina Road” by Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road.

Heartland Public Radio thanks Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road for their support.  All partners who contribute monthly at the $20 level or higher will receive a copy of their latest released titled “Carolina Road.”  According to AmericanaMusicPlace.com, “This new Carolina Road release is being hailed as their best album to date. Their newest band member, Jerry Butler, provides lead vocals that are fresh and clear adding to the musicianship of Lorraine Jordan and her other players. Listen to our sampling and see what you think — “Run Little Fox”, “Frances Lee” and “Carolina Road” – the title cut.”